Steve Hinnefeld

Steve Hinnefeld

Steve Hinnefeld identifies as a journalist, even though he left the daily news grind years ago. He has been a reporter at the Herald-Times, a media relations specialist at Indiana University, and a journalism instructor in the IU Media School. He writes about education at inschoolmatters.wordpress.com. He and his wife, Theresa Malone, live in a 125-year-old house in Bloomington. He enjoys reading, hiking, birding, and spending time with his three grandkids. Allegedly retired, he finds himself as busy as ever.

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Changes in Daily Local News Landscape Have Consequences

What happens when local news coverage disappears? Limestone Post asked journalist Steve Hinnefeld to look at the daily news landscape in Bloomington. He interviewed people at several local news outlets and filed this report. The landscape has changed recently in subtle and dramatic ways — some for the better, some not so much. Click here to read about who’s reporting B-town’s daily news.