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Limestone Post Offers Business Underwriting and Sponsorships

When Limestone Post became a nonprofit in 2019, we began working on our fundraising programs. Then the pandemic hit, and most local businesses were worried about keeping their doors open, so their usually generous support of nonprofits had to be put on hold. While the economy has a long way to go to recover, we are seeing glimmers of hope. And we have much to offer local businesses that want to jump-start their recovery efforts. Click here to learn about Limestone Post's fundraising programs.

Overcoming Barriers to Mental Health Services in a Pandemic

Economic distress, loss, and isolation due to the pandemic have increased the need for mental health services in Monroe County. While local providers have reinvented how they offer such services, many people still confront barriers to accessing them. Eszi Waters spoke to people at several agencies to see how they have adapted. Click here to read the article.