Laura Lasuertmer

Laura Lasuertmer

Laura Lasuertmer is a writer, a mother, and a co-founder of Common Home Farm, an interfaith farming community located 10 miles north of Bloomington on land that was the hunting grounds of the Miami and Shawnee people. Off the farm, she facilitates creative writing circles for people of all genders with Women Writing for (a) Change. Find out more by visiting commonhomefarm.org or emailing [email protected].

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‘We Were Already in This Together’: Pandemic Times in Intentional Community

People living in intentional communities engage daily in cooperative living. How were they affected by the pandemic? How did community life change and adapt? Laura Lasuertmer, a founding member of Common Home Farm in Bloomington, asked members of four other intentional communities how their networks of mutual support weathered the pandemic. | Click here to read Laura’s article.