Elizabeth Keating

Elizabeth Keating

Elizabeth Keating, a professor of anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts, is a linguistic anthropologist who studies culture and communication. Her research focuses on cultural aspects of communication, cross-cultural communication, and narrative. Keating’s research projects include investigations into power sharing, hierarchy, visual language, inter-generational narrative, and the role of technology in influencing language practices. Her most recent book is The Essential Questions: Interview Your Family to Uncover Stories and Bridge Generations, published by Penguin Random House.

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Anthropologist’s Tips for Digging Into Your Relatives’ Past Over the Holidays, Try Talking to Your Relatives Like an Anthropologist

Anthropologist Elizabeth Keating was close with her parents. Yet after they passed away, she had many questions she wished she had asked. Keating has used her scholarly training to write a guide for how to question family members about their past. You could use Keating’s tips during the holidays for getting to know your family members even better. | Click here for Keating’s tips!