WonderLab’s Coral Reef Aquarium Teaches Real Science [video]

There’s something lurking under the waves at WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology. The new exhibit, “Wonder Under the Waves: Coral Reef Aquarium,” is designed to “intrigue the expert and engage the young child,” says Emmy Brockman, director of education at WonderLab. Incorporating real science, the 300-gallon saltwater tank teaches kids and parents about ocean sustainability and the importance of caring for our planet.

The coral reef aquarium includes an “algal turf scrubbing system” that regulates oxygen, pH, and nutrient cycling without having to use skimmers and chemical filters. The highlight of the tank, though, is the wildlife: fish and shrimp that live symbiotically with each other, several species of coral, urchins, brittle stars, and even giant clams.

Videographer TJ Jaeger takes a closer look at WonderLab’s fish-filled tank of fun.

TJ Jaeger
TJ Jaeger is a reporter, writer, filmmaker, and musician in Bloomington. He worked as a writer for the Indiana Daily Student and WIUX while studying in the Indiana University School of Journalism and currently writes for NUVO. TJ has also worked on movie sets for The Good Catholic and Stardust and Moonbeams.