Three Minutes in Maple Heights

In this Limestone Post series, local videographer Trent Deckard, whose YouTube channel Interesting Ted has received 300K views, takes us on 3-minute tours of neighborhoods in Bloomington and surrounding communities.

Image courtesy of the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department

Maple Heights neighborhood is located on the north side of downtown Bloomington. Click here for a map of all Bloomington neighborhood associations. Image courtesy of the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department

Deckard’s first visit is to Maple Heights, a discrete north-side neighborhood tucked between North College and North Maple streets, from West 11th to West 17th streets. It has a rich, working-class history but began as a farm for a Covenanter family called the Blairs. (Click here to read more about the Blair family and the history of this area of Bloomington.) The original 19th-century house still stands, as seen in the video, but the farmland has long since been developed, mainly with smart bungalows and cottages — making for a quintessential Bloomington neighborhood.

Some residents are reluctant to talk about this little gem because they don’t want it spoiled. It’s easy to see why. After his brief tour and talking to some of the “genuinely sweet people who live there,” Deckard says he’d like to live there, too. “No — seriously,” he says, “I want to live there.”

Trent Deckard
Trent Deckard is a part-time videographer. He has established a name for himself on YouTube by filming and editing content under the name Interesting Ted. Trent loves to travel and has been on multiple cross-country road trips. When he is not creating video content, Trent finds himself spending most of his time enjoying nature and working with electronics. His YouTube channel is best known for his urban exploration, his 5.5k mile road trip across the United States, and a robot, heavily influenced by the TV show Battle Bots, dubbed Rex. Interesting Ted can be found at YouTube.com/InterestingTed.