Limestone Post Among Candidates for Bloomingfoods Positive Change Program Voting is Open!


The Bloomingfoods Positive Change program has raised more than $700,000 for local nonprofits since the campaign began in 2016. Limestone Media (dba Limestone Post Magazine) is one of 37 local nonprofits on the ballot for 2024, so if you’re an owner-member of Bloomingfoods Co-op Market, and you value what we bring to the community, please consider voting for #26, Limestone Media!

Bloomingfoods Positive Change is a community-driven, “register roundup” fundraiser in which shoppers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar when they pay for their goods at the checkout register. 

Each month, an organization is designated as the recipient of that month’s proceeds from Positive Change. Through August this year, the program raised more than $74,000 for local nonprofits.

Each Bloomingfoods owner-member gets to vote for 11 of the 37 organizations on the ballot (see below for the complete list of 2024 candidates). If you are a member, click here to vote online. In-store voting is also available. 

While only active member-owners of Bloomingfoods are eligible to vote for next year’s recipients, any Bloomingfoods customer can help a local organization whenever they shop at one of the stores — Bloomingfoods East, 3220 E. Third St. and Bloomingfoods Near West Side, 316 W. Sixth St. — and rounding up their purchase.

Recipients for 2023 are Stone Belt Arc (January), Bloomington Pets Alive (February), WFHB Bloomington Community Radio (March), Friends of Lake Monroe (April), The Lake Monroe Water Fund (May), Bloomington Community Orchard (June), People’s Cooperative Market (July), All-Options (August), Farm to Family Fund (September), Bloomingfoods Employee Educational Scholarship (October), The Friends of Monroe County Public Library (November), Exodus Refugee Immigration (December).

Limestone Post Magazine

Here’s a brief history and reminder of what we do at Limestone Post.

Since 2015, Limestone Post has published in-depth, inclusive stories by local freelance writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, and more. The range of topics we’ve covered — from the arts and outdoors to social-justice issues and more — is as diverse as our community.

Although we launched Limestone Post in 2015 as a for-profit publication, in 2019 we converted to a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Limestone Media Inc., to join the national movement toward nonprofit journalism. From the beginning, readers have said Limestone Post “fills a gap in the local media landscape.”

Our mission as an independent, nonprofit magazine is to publish informative and inclusive stories about Bloomington and the surrounding areas, with a special focus on public-service and solutions-based journalism.

Providing fact-based information (without a paywall) to everyone in the community is the mission of Limestone Post. Many of the topics we report on are on issues being directly addressed by other nonprofits (some of which are listed below). Informing our readers on the pressing needs in our community is an essential step in addressing those issues. If people in the community don’t have accurate information about those needs, and don’t know what work is being done to address those needs, that work might as well be done in a vacuum. People, especially in Bloomington, become engaged when they learn how they can help.

Being chosen by Bloomingfoods’ member-owners to participate in the Positive Change program will help us report on the interests and concerns of our community, by allowing us to pay our talented, hard-working contributors a fair rate for the impactful content they create for you. 

As always, thank you for your support!

Limestone Post is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News

Limestone Post is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News