Positive Link

(left) PrEP Navigator Jesse Elkins sits in a conference room at Positive Link. It is Elkin’s primary responsibility to assist clients with the ins and outs insurance coverage, ensuring each patient receives the proper amount of assistance from their health care provider. (right) Positive Link is housed in a building that sits at 333 E. Miller Dr., in Bloomington. Also included at this location are additional Indiana University Health services like the Monroe County Public Health Clinic, WIC, Community Health Services, the Beat Tobacco Clinic, and Housing Services. | Photos by Nicole McPheeters

Lynae Sowinski
Vice President, Board of Directors at Limestone Post
Lynae joined Limestone Post in the summer of 2015. She works with all contributors and manages the editorial content for the site.

A Bloomington native, Lynae graduated with honors from Indiana University’s School of Journalism in 2012 with a minor in sociology. She started her editing career at Bloom Magazine as a high school intern and, over the course of almost eight years, advanced to the position of associate editor. Among other duties, she managed the website, magbloom.com, which won Best Journalism Website in 2012 from the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.