A Bicycle Ride in Southern Indiana — by Drone [video]

In this premiere video — a preview of the 49th annual Hilly Hundred, the award-winning bicycle tour happening this weekend — Limestone Post introduces a series showing aerial perspectives of southern Indiana. Seth Teeters produces the videos, and his local drone company, Aerial812, provides film services for companies in industries ranging from agriculture to cinema.

Teeters follows bicyclist Missy Ragatz along some of Monroe County’s bucolic backroads. Ragatz began racing only a year ago but has already won Indiana University’s Little 500 (with Team Phoenix) and competes on the Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team. In June, Ragatz was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the video, she describes the struggle she’s had as an athlete with the disease.

Ragatz says cycling is a way to “escape from the realities of the world,” where she can leave the city and burdensome thoughts behind as she pedals through fields and forests. Despite chemotherapy’s deteriorating effects on cardiac tissue, Ragatz still rides as often as she can — whether on her work commute in town or for fun along the rural byways. For our October video (which coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Ragatz rides sections of the 2014 route of the Hilly Hundred.

The Hilly Hundred covers nearly 100 miles of southern Indiana’s beautiful scenery. The route changes every year, and, according to Hilly Hundred Director Mark Bettinger, for the past few years the exact route has not been made available to the public “until a few days before the event, when it’s announced in the local papers. So, typically, the riders don’t know the route until they arrive unless they have access to a local paper.”

Regardless of whether you’ve participated in the event or not, you’ve never seen the Hilly Hundred quite like this.

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Seth Teeters
Seth Teeters is a Bloomington-based photographer and videographer who does everything from wedding photos and family portraits to aerial videos. Seth owns an insured and FAA-certified drone service company that provides commercial services from video production and photography to drone-based surveying, mapping, and industrial inspections. To see more aerial views from around central and southern Indiana, like his Facebook page.

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