11 Tips to Be the Best Pokémon Go Player … Like No One Ever Was [video]

Unless you’ve spent the past few weeks off the grid, under a rock, or whatever your cliché phrase of choice might be, you’ve probably heard about this summer’s craze: Pokémon Go. More likely, you’ve probably seen way more people than usual wandering around outside with their phones out. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve even played the game yourself.

The augmented reality game allows you to use your phone’s GPS to catch Pokémon, hit up PokéStops, and fight over gyms — wherever you are, almost anywhere in the world. With the game being out for almost a month, Poké-hunters are now starting to take things seriously.

The unforgiving southern Indiana weather has not stopped people from hitting the B-Line, city streets, and beyond — striving to reach higher and higher levels of the game. To help prevent a handful of heat strokes, and to make sure you’re making the most out of your gaming time, we put together a handy video showing the safest, most efficient way to be the very best — like no one ever was.

TJ Jaeger
TJ Jaeger is a reporter, writer, filmmaker, and musician in Bloomington. He worked as a writer for the Indiana Daily Student and WIUX while studying in the Indiana University School of Journalism and currently writes for NUVO. TJ has also worked on movie sets for The Good Catholic and Stardust and Moonbeams.